We are the manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of "POLYBRIGHT" brand disposable plastic items:

1.Disosable PE and LDPE and HDPE and CPE glove and gloves
2.Disposable LDPE and HDPE and non-woven aprons and bibs
3.Disposable LDPE and CPE  and non-woven capes
4.Disposable CPE surgical gowns
5.Disposable PE and CPE and non-woven shoe cover and boot cover
6.Disposable Plastic shower caps
7.Disposable PE and non-woven sleeves
8.Disposable CPE and LDPE plastic tablecover
9.Disposable LDPE ice bags
10.Disposable Non-woven caps
11.Disposable Non-woven gowns
12.Disposable Household gloves
13.Disposable LDPE small packing gloves and finger gloves
14.Disposable glasses protector
15.Disposable plastic car seat cover
16.Disposable PE long sleeves gloves
17.Disposable Plastic car steering-wheel cover

18.Disposable Plastic Gear shift cover and hand brake cover
19.Disposable Plastic Produce bags
20.Disposable Plastic Shopping bags and vest carrier bags on roll
21.Disposable 8 Fold star bottom garbage bags on roll
22.Disposable Plastic cheese bags
23.Disposable plastic bowl cover
24.Disposable plastic ear cover
25.Disposable plastic chair cover
26.Disposable Hair treatment cream caps
27.Disposable Non-woven bed sheets and cover
28.Disposable Nylon hair net and hair band
29.Disposable Non-woven beard cover
30.Disposable Non-woven wiping cloth
31.Disposable Non-woven man and woman brief
32.Disposable Non-woven slipper
33.Disposable Candy bags
34.Disposable HDPE bags with many holes for fishshops
35.Disposable PE gloves adhere to PE bags for pets
36.Disposable LDPE and HDPE film for car use
37.Disposable Non woven kimono
38.Disposable Non woven tools bags
39.Disposable Non woven kids smock
40.Car sun shade and sun shade film roll
41.Disposable HDPE umbrella sleeves
42.Disposable LDPE easy-putting on gloves 

43.Disposable PVA hot water soluble laundry bags

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